Expansion in Germany

Butterfly Systems and B Braun work together for exploring Butterfly pilot hospitals in Germany, this has generated a lot of interests from the market


Major business development with NHS, UK

Inaccurate surgeons’ preference cards is common problem in every hospital, NHS shows a strong interest in finalising the contract arrangement for Butterfly Surgeons Preference Cards and Inventory Management Suites


Growing interest in European market


Exploring in Asia Pacific

Medical tourism is a rising trend in Asia Pacific region, Butterfly Systems is working with Bangkok Hospital Group in Thailand for managing surgery costing and patient billing


ACORN Perioperative Leadership Summit 2019

ACORN is proud to present the inaugural ACORN Perioperative Leadership Summit which will be held on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 of September 2019 at the East Hotel in Canberra.


Exhibit at AVA conference 2019 Perth

Butterfly Systems will attend the 2019 AVA conference in Peth. Many independent veterinary hospitals and corporate groups have demonstrated ongoing interest in Butterfly Systems solutions. This will be an opportunity to showcase Butterfly Systems to a large group of veterinary professionals.



Our first veterinary corporate group joins the Butterfly tribe as we begin work with VetPartners Australia to implement Butterfly Systems Inventory management suite within their hospitals. Butterfly Systems Inventory management will streamline procurement processes, manage supplier contract pricing and form an auto-procure-to-pay process for the VetPartners group of 128 veterinary hospitals in Australia.


MyClaim launch

Butterfly Systems Myclaim is launched to the Australian Healthcare market working closely with St Vincent’s Health Australia. MyClaim is specially designed for surgical facilities to manage rebate items seamlessly with PAS and accounting systems.


Launch Anaesthetic Suite


Healthe Care &


Into Europe Market

Butterfly Systems has another watermark moment. Enters a partnership with B. Braun, expanding into the European market with multiple hospitals


Welcome to Day
Hospitals Australia

Welcome to Day Hospitals Australia as an Industry Member!


Dental Clinics
successfully Rolled Out

As a focus and key target for the business, multiple customers successfully are brought on in the Dental Clinic sector, expanding a new market branch for Butterfly Systems.

“Our technology has been warmly welcomed. This industry has been ready for intelligent solutions implementation and development for some time now, and we are excited to be helping our customers maximise the benefits of collecting, analysing and understanding crucial data.”

Amy Luo - CEO & Founder


Cracking the
New Zealand market

After several years of demonstrating interest from hospitals in New Zealand, Butterfly Systems software begins expansion into the Kiwi healthcare sector.


Australia Landing
Pad Program 2018.
San Francisco, USA

Butterfly Systems joins Australia Landing Pad Program. This program marks an international milestone and sets up a presence for Butterfly Systems in the heart of the technology capital of the world. A new future of clinical partners are coming.


AORN Conference 2018
USA New Orleans

Butterfly Systems attends AORN conference 2018 in New Orleans. A wide array of hospital groups have demonstrated ongoing interest in Butterfly Apps Solutions.


Dental Clinics
added to roadmap

Dental clinics have long demonstrated interest in the Butterfly Systems product line. New strategic efforts to penetrate this market will provide us the possibility to explore the sector and find areas to develop and support the dental services niche.


Expansion into
Vet Market

“Expanding into the veterinary market represents a milestone for the business and our partners, but more importantly represents an exciting opportunity to provide unique solutions that serve our customers.”

Amy Luo - CEO & Founder


Clinical Results

Results of the CSIRO program confirmed the following:

  • Reduce open unused items improve accuracies
  • 92% of nurses feel positive about using Butterfly Apps


Butterfly software

More than ten hospitals have signed contracts with us.


Awesome &
efficient development

Our next suite of apps are being developed: the Central Sterilisation Services Department Suite, the Patients Recovery Suite and the Anaesthetics Preference Card Suite.


Ready to jump
in the market

Butterfly Systems’ apps were granted a patent. All our software has been protected, offering a safety envirornment to our customers and users.


The Beginnings

Butterfly Apps were implemented in eight hospitals.

First hospital reaches full digitisation of Surgeons’ Preferences Cards.


Butterfly is coming!

We were awarded the Accelerating Commercialization Government Grant by AusIndustry. We began our CSIRO Research Partnership, a two year project in evaluating the impact of our Apps.


Our Origin

Butterfly Systems began as the vision of our founder Amy Luo, who recognised the potential for hospital systems to be vastly improved through digitisation. With a background in medical supplies and a degree in computer science, she combined her interests to create Butterfly System’s first suite of Apps.

Butterfly Apps began with the creation of Surgeons’ Preference Cards Suite: addressing the complicated problem of complex data sets.


Explore our Apps


Master File
of surgeon's preference cards

  • Build surgeon preference cards as master files
  • Manage all the changes instantly
  • Digitise the process; no more typing or handwriting
  • Take photos for surgeons and products
  • Create and record notes


Surgery Setup
and recording real-time usage

  • Search preference cards and item locations with ease
  • Monitor all changes for every case
  • Track all chargeable items
  • Save staff time in setup
  • Reduce waste


Surgery Inventory
and unused items after surgery

  • Search item locations with ease
  • Monitor add-on items during surgery
  • Track all the chargeable items/loan kits
  • Save staff time spent returning unused items
  • Analyse case costing reports


in operating theatres

  • Create item locations with ease
  • Monitor inventory stock items
  • Manage location assignment


Stock Take
& Replenishing inventory

  • Manage inventory replenishment
  • Manage stocktake
  • Generate purchase requirement
  • Take photos for surgeons and products
  • Report unused inventory and slow moving stock


Patient Recovery
Fluid Balance and observations

  • Managing patient fluid balance easily
  • More accurate monitoring
  • Allowing better documentation
  • Providing safer patient care


Surgical items
Trays & instruments

  • Generate priority list
  • Manage CSSD assets
  • Manage CSSD workflow