Amy Luo

CEO & Founder

A serial entrepreneur who has started three businesses in China and Australia, selling to the global market for the past 20 years. Her third and most recent startup is Butterfly Systems.

Kennet Z. Porter

Creative Director

"In this treacherous world nothing is either truth or lie; everything depends on the colour of the crystal that one looks through."

Ley Campoamor. 1817 -1901

Eduard Sergeev

Project Leader

Software specialist with over 15 years of experience working for companies ranging from non-for-profit organisations to investment banks.

Dmitry Rotay

Project Lead

A seasoned developer passionate about creating quality software.

Vadym Kharionovskyi

Tech Lead (Europe)

"If I were to let my life be taken over by what is urgent, I might very well never get around to what is essential."

Henri Nouwen

Daniel Wiggins

General Manager

A young entrepreneur with over a decade of leadership experience, Daniel joined the Butterfly tribe in 2017. Daniel’s mandate includes managing key accounts, guiding product implementations, and ensuring Butterfly hospitals are able to successfully realise their creative visions and movement into the next generation.

Explore our Apps


Master File
of surgeon's preference cards

  • Build surgeon preference cards as master files
  • Manage all the changes instantly
  • Digitise the process; no more typing or handwriting
  • Take photos for surgeons and products
  • Create and record notes


Surgery Setup
and recording real-time usage

  • Search preference cards and item locations with ease
  • Monitor all changes for every case
  • Track all chargeable items
  • Save staff time in setup
  • Reduce waste


Surgery Inventory
and unused items after surgery

  • Search item locations with ease
  • Monitor add-on items during surgery
  • Track all the chargeable items/loan kits
  • Save staff time spent returning unused items
  • Analyse case costing reports


in operating theatres

  • Create item locations with ease
  • Monitor inventory stock items
  • Manage location assignment


Stock Take
& Replenishing inventory

  • Manage inventory replenishment
  • Manage stocktake
  • Generate purchase requirement
  • Take photos for surgeons and products
  • Report unused inventory and slow moving stock


Patient Recovery
Fluid Balance and observations

  • Managing patient fluid balance easily
  • More accurate monitoring
  • Allowing better documentation
  • Providing safer patient care


Surgical items
Trays & instruments

  • Generate priority list
  • Manage CSSD assets
  • Manage CSSD workflow