Ecosystem Integration

A clinically integrated supply chain

Patient Admission Systems (PAS) API

Butterfly Systems provides PAS integration APIs to allow a seamless process of surgery booking to patient billing information. This enables end to end workflow digitisation for hospital finance and billing.

CSSD Tracking Systems API

Butterfly Apps provides accurate priority fast track information for CSSD trays and instruments seamlessly. Butterfly CSSD APIs are connected with B Braun Instacount tracking systems which improves efficiency between operating theatres and CSSD.

ERP/Accounting Systems API

Butterfly Purchase to Payment APIs integrate with various ERP and accounting systems that automate purchase to payments. Accounts payable automation enables more of hospital AP processes to be touchless, meaning that most tasks require minimal human effort.

Medical Suppliers Integration API

Butterfly's Supplier API establishes a data-driven, outcome-focused environment for automating the supply chain in healthcare. Creating a clinically integrated supply chain redirects clinician time and attention to where it can have the greatest benefit: making rational operational decisions.