Managing surgeons preference cards seamlessly.

mysetup removes all the burden on clinicians and hospitals of managing surgeons preference cards for operating theatres.

Managing preference cards for clinicians

All surgeons' names appear in alphabetical order for easy searching - taking only seconds to find surgeons' preference cards. Set up nurses can choose a theatre and case number prior to commencing the set up and collecting surgical items for surgery.


Record actual usage in real time

Set up nurses can still add and remove items from master file of preference cards, record all the actual usage in real time.

Tracking all the changes and chargeable items

By recording the actual usage of inventory items in any surgery, Butterfly Systems can generate update reminders for clinicians in regular time.

Butterfly Systems can also generate a chargeable item report, no longer need handwriting and manual input.


Managing stock used in the operating theatres

Butterfly Systems allow you to know exactly how many items have been used in store room. Material availability checklist integrates with surgery booking.

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Do we need to have an iPad?

Yes you need to have iPad to install Butterfly Apps – mysetup and mybuilder. Android

version is coming soon.

Do we need to have a internet connection?

Yes Butterfly Apps need internet connection to sync with cloud server

but they can also work without internet connection

Can we print or email our surgeons preference cards?

Yes you can print or email surgeon preference cards in Butterfly Apps.

Is there a possibility of a clinical evaluation of Butterfly Apps at our hospital?

Yes we conduct no cost clinical evaluations for interested partners.

Can I integrate Butterfly Apps with our existing software?

Butterfly Apps integrate with a wide range of software packaging. Please check with our account

managers and support team.

How do you protect patient privacy?

Patient information is not collected into our system. Your patient information stays in

your system.

If my iPad is lost, what happens to all data I have entered ?

All preference cards information entered in Butterfly Apps are securly saved in AWS - one of the

best high available server. You can download all your data at any time if you need to

reinstall your data on another iPad.

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