Butterfly in the Cloud

Butterfly Systems provide online hospital management software and services for public and private hospitals and day clinics. Butterfly Systems has been specially designed for clinical professions to seamlessly manage records, their inventory and workflow in operating theatres. We have designed beautiful Butterfly mobile apps including surgeon’s preference cards, pre-operation safety checklists, surgery booking, patient recovery management, tracking of chargeable items, surgery case reports and more.

Butterfly Systems use a business service model where software is hosted on the internet and uses an innovative means of supplying solutions to fragmented hospital departments or divisions, surgeon’s rooms, inventory suppliers , health funds and other medical providers. Butterfly Apps will also be available to provide a new and innovative way for clinical training and education. Further new features will be released negularly with additions and extensions to functionality that is developed in response to the needs of hospitals in Australia and the international market.

Butterfly Systems was developed using Microsoft’s.NET development environment, over a multi-tenanted SQL server 2012 database, iOS7 and iOS8. Our production servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services, a tier-one hosting provider, which monitors our servers and firewalls 24/7 at guarded facilities.

We have made a significant investment in this global production-hosting platform - providing Butterfly.Systems with the capacity of future growth and ensuring security of our customer’s data.

Patented & Proven IP:

  • Provisional patents have been granted

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Building preference cards for clinichians



Managing surgeon's preference cards